Things to shape and to build on

1. of a color at the end of the spectrum next to orange and opposite violet, as of rubies, blood, or fire.

2. red is associated among other things with meanings of love, strength, courage, and passion.

1. the solid mineral material forming parts of the earth. A material that can be shaped and built upon.

2. used in metaphors to refer to someone or something that is extremely strong and reliable.

RedRock focuses on the intersection of innovation, strategy, culture, and passion. We are about human centered business design to bring intrapreneurship to life. Innovation is about combining things, recognizing patterns, and building mastery through exercise.

Strategy is about direction and simplifying complexity. We live in a world of constant change. While everything is in the state of flux you need to provide your organization plausible routes and engage them. We help you understand why change happens, what to change and make change stick.


Tobias Pforr

Founder & Managing Partner

Passion for people, innovation & business and bringing everything together. Focused on strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship people in the middle.


Phil Bachmann

Strategy & Innovation

Bringing strategy to life by bringing people together. Design thinking and service innovation.

Klaus Kummermehr

Investment & Venture Strategy

Ingo Schönwandt

Projekt Management & Sustainability

Dr. Jürg Haefliger

Organizational Development

Trainer and Consultant for cultural transformation, learning & leadership development and strategy implementation. Combining strategies, processes and the behavior between people and interdisciplinary teams in a meaningful way.

Boris Battistini


Investment professional at Zurich-based Private Investment Office specialising in technology investments, Expert in Corporate Venturing and Entrepreneurship, Co-founder and Board Director of the Swiss Finance + Technology Association and Senior Research Fellow in Entrepreneurship at ETH Zurich.